Eric Yuan, formerly a Cisco employee had a sense of moral culpability for not providing his users with a satisfactory product. His compulsive desire to make things right led to the foundation of Zoom. Well, thank you, Mr Yuan! We now have a way to conduct a video conference session with up to 500 participants!

Zoom Video Conferencing Review 2019

To all the millennials who don’t know about zoom, well Zoom is a High Definition Video Conferencing and Desktop sharing software which gives you 40 minutes of free service for each conference session.

Zoom Video Conferencing provides various Zoom meeting plans for entrepreneurs. The ‘basic’ plan can host up to 100 and conduct 1 to 1 meeting for free. The large Enterprise-ready plan can host up to 1000 participants and provides unlimited cloud storage. This plan, however, costs you $19.99. There are in total four plans from which you can choose.


Features That Amaze the Users

Launched in 2011, Zoom has been the best alternative to Skype and other video conferencing apps till now. Zoom video conferencing review has been fairly stable since its launch. People find it user-friendly due to its easy, low-cost functionality.

Although there is no trial period offered by the software, one can easily get access to its basic plan for free.

A unique feature provided by Zoom is the ability of the user to add view-only attend attendees along with the interactive participants. That’s not all! This is the only video conferencing platform that allows you to screen share your video clip with native audio.

Good news for Business, Education and API plan customers! You can create your own custom page which allows your company users to join a meeting via approved vanity URL. The Branding feature also provides the users with the benefit of customizing their email invitation template. Quite a big deal huh!


Zoom encourages quality work and hence it has introduced two new features to its video conferencing- co-annotation and remote control. Remote controlling allows the user to give screen control to any of the participants in the middle of the conference. You can also use arrows, highlighter, eraser, pen, lines etc. with the annotation tool. If you are still having confusions regarding the working of these features, then sign up for a live demo of these features with Zoom product specialist for free!

Other frequently mentioned eccentric features in Zoom Video Conferencing review given by common users is the ability of the user to record the video and audio of the meeting to Zoom cloud. The file can be mailed to the user from where s/he can download it.

Your meetings can be scheduled by Zoom through Zoom desktop client, mobile app, Zoom web portal or through the plugin (chrome, firefox).

Going by the honest reviews from Zoom customers, Zoom video conferencing is widely used because of its HD Video and Audio functionality, wireless sharing, interoperability with any video system and centralized management functionality.


Zoom Webinar Review 2019

You obviously need an account on Zoom to conduct meetings and webinars. Once you use the software, you will be propelled to download it. The app is user-friendly and offers the same options that are available to you on your desktop.

Zoom is the only video conferencing app that permits you to share all the data in your phone while in a meeting. This service is majorly used in the situation where an individual wants to give a live demo of some other app on the phone.

The users have not faced any glitch or performance problem with the apps. The application is totally free and can be downloaded both from the app store and play store.

Looks like you no more have to carry your laptops everywhere to engage in a video conference…


Why is Zoom better than other video conferencing software?

Although Skype and WebEx were launched way before Zoom, they failed to create an impact as smashing as Zoom. Google Hangouts was launched in 2013 but it could not score the customer’s interest and loyalty.

Zoom cracked the tech industry by introducing some really interesting features-

1) Only one person has to download Zoom and others can just click on the meeting link and join the conference.

2) You can add many participants at a time. You can upgrade your plan to add more participants at a negligible cost. No other app or software provides the participation of as many 500 participants at a time.

3) Zoom rooms are wireless. You can start your meetings with just one touch or a single voice command.

4) By using Zoom, you don’t have to combine two video conferencing platforms.

6) WebEx users constantly complained of not being able to control their devices once the app was opened. Zoom, till now has not got any such complaints.


The only hindrance faced by the customers in using Zoom was that they were not able to understand its working initially and had to look for tutorials to be able to operate the software. Once they understood the software’s working, they did not face any other problem.

Some customers complained of the limited time being provided in the basic plan, however, others say that it comes as an advantage to them since they are compelled to keep the meetings short and to the point.


Zoom Video Conferencing Review 2019

Cloud software including online collaboration software has made it possible for companies to employ people from all areas of the world. Since they are so dependent on video conferencing apps and software, they need some reliable, easy to use and inexpensive software for daily use.

Overall performance, Ease of use and Customer support are some of the criteria to determine the best video conferencing software/apps.

Our research has led us to conclude some of the best apps used for video conferencing-

1) Zoom- The growing popularity of this software owes to its unique and varied features provided in each plan. The software’s functionality is practical and user-friendly.

2) Microsoft Teams-  The software is a hitter in the market due to its efficiency and attractive infrastructure. All the plans include a web version of MS. Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

3) Go to Meeting- Polling and raise a hand features have kept the software going.

4) Star Leaf- The software is preferred by users due to the features such as unlimited guests invitations, calendar integrations with Google and Outlook.

5) Cisco WebEx. This software contains features such as TLS, third-party accreditations, encryption, firewall compatibility, single sign-on and secure scheduling options.